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Create an ISO File From a DVD or CD

Create an ISO File From a DVD or CD

Sometimes we need to create some backup files which are very important for us. When we purchase any software or operating system, it is a good idea to keep a backup file from the original disk. For anyhow, if your PC is unable to read the CD/DVD that time the backup file will help you to create a new CD / DVD disk and also save your money.

In previous days, it was very hard to convert a file from one format to another format with cmd or without cmd. These days, it is very easy to convert a file with the helping of some useful tools or application which are available on the internet. This is a fantastic idea to backup your important data from CDs / DVDs to your hard drive. A smart user always keeps a backup file from CDs/DVDs. 

ISO is a most popular format for important software and also for an operating system. Unfortunately, there is no build in tools which help to create an ISO file from CDs/DVDs. But thanks to some useful free tools which really do this work easily. 
You can follow the bellow free tools and the steps to create an ISO file from CDs or DVDs.

Steps for Create an ISO file From CDs / DVDs
  1. At first, all you need to do, Download the BurnAware Free tool and Install it. (Support Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32 and 64 bit).)
  2. Enter the CD/DVD to you Optical Drive that you plan to use.
  3. Now, Open the Application and click on Copy to ISO from Disk Image section.
  4. An additional window will open and you have to select the optical drive from the drop-down menu.
  5. Now select the path where you want to save the .iso file by clicking on Browse and Save it with a name.
  6. Then just click on Copy and the process will start with an additional window.
  7. When the ISO image file is created you will see a message like 'copy process completed successfully'.
  8. Now your ISO file is ready. 

Creating an ISO image file from a DVD, CD disc is easy but could take a time depending on the size of the disc and the speed of your computer.
 There are so many tools available on the internet, you can choose as your required and which is best for you. I am using this tool because it's free and fulfilled all basic requirement of mine.

N.B : It is totally your risk to use this tool. If any damage made during the process, I or this site is not responsible. 

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