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Nokia N95 May be Announced In MWC by HMD

Nokia N95 recalled by HMD
Every time we get any new news about Nokia or HMD, we got excited about the news. Previously we inform you, a Nokia N series smartphone may be announced in MWC 2017. Today we got another update; the first N series smartphone would be named N95. If you remember N95 was announced in September 2006 and launched in March 2007. But HMD want to play our nostalgia about Nokia N95 by relaunch the N95 with new looks and specification.

Nokia N95 was a popular and dominated smartphone in that time. Though the phone running on Symbian OS, but this smartsphone was an appropriate sidekick to music partners, photography fans and even for gaming.
Nokia N95 recalled by HMD
According the latest rumors, the new N95 will be powered by a snapdragon 6xx processor (May be a Snapdragon 652). According to the processor, the device may be a mid-range category smartphone. the company planes to manufacture upto 50million units for its initial sales at beginning stage.

We can expect other N series models would be launched in feature. If HMD manage to maintain the reputation of N series, there is no doubt, it will be a popular smartphone among the nokia’s fan. So if HMD fulfill our expectations then company can get back their lost field in Smartphone market and Nokia will rule the mobile market once again.

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