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An iPhone or Android Used to Steal You ATM PIN- How To Prevent It!

A new way of cheating has been discovered by the bad guys to steal your ATM password with an iPhone or an Android device. A company called FLIR introduced a Thermal Imaging Camera Attachment for iOS and Android which basically offers non-contact spot temperature measurement, patented MSX Technology, and automatic shuttering. But bad guys are using this trick for ATM pin.

How its works?

When you touch any surface some amount of heat transferred between your body and that surface. Basically, when we use a keypad to enter the ATM PIN some heat transfer from your body to Keypad surface. We can't feel or see this but a Thermal Imaging Camera can catch it. If anyone takes a picture within a minute or two it can easily get your ATM pin with 90% accuracy. If it more than 5minute that it have 50-50 chance.

Though if the keypad surface is made of metal then it is probably impossible to get your ATM pin but most of the ATM or swipe machine have a plastic keypad.

So how to prevent this or protect your ATM pin? All you need to do, keep your other finger on key when you enter your ATM pin that makes a meaningless thermal signature.

Watch the video to know more


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