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Datawind Will Provide Data Service at Rs 16 per month or Rs 200 per year

Data costs just 16 rupees a month. Are you surprised to hear? But it's true. Only Rs 200 will be charged for the data service rest of the year, a company called Datawind. If we convert the amount into per month cost it will be Rs 16 per month which is less than a 1-liter mineral water bottle.

Now use data at the minimum price. After Jio announced one after another free offer that gives competition to the other Telecom operators. After that, the other companies announced one after another cheaper data offer. However, data services at Rs 16 per month so that no one offered us before!
In fact, Datawind is a Canadian mobile handset manufacturer. To provide the data service cheaply in India, the Canadian mobile handset manufacturer has applied for a license. Company officials expected they will get the license very soon. And then in India, they will be able to turn on data services at a very cheap price. The company may collaborate with other operators at the initial stage to provide their service. The company also said that they will focus on data service than the others services

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