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Now Enjoy TrueCaller Service on Feature Phones With Out Having an Internet Access

Almost all of us are using TrueCaller android app on our android smartphone to know the caller name and mobile circle. This application is very popular and is very important to identify spam calls. This app only works on smart phones. But this facility is not available on the feature phones.

To eliminate this problem and to enable this TrueCaller Caller ID service in features phones, Airtel and TrueCaller will work together. As a result of this cooperation, features phones user can use the TrueCaller service without having an Internet access. According to the company, the identity of the caller will be notified by using TrueCaller database.

A flash SMS will be sent along with the identity of the caller before connecting the call, although the Android phone caller's identity can be seen on the screen at the time of the call. This will be a subscription-based service where users can avoid any kind of unwanted calls (spam) without having an internet. This service has been named as "Airtel Truecaller ID" and the service will be available across the India from April only for Airtel subscriber.

According to a recent by IDC, there are more than 1 billion feature phone users in India. Airtel believes that this service will help a lot to feature phone user.


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