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YouTube Go beta Officially launched in India For Android For Low Data Usage

YoutubeGo beta launched

YouTube is a great platform for content creators as well as for the Youtube users. This time the second most popular search engine comes with an another app probably a better app than the regular for youtube user to save their valuable mobile data. YouTube has officially launched a beta version of the YouTube Go app for Android in India. Though it was announced on its 18th birthday, in September last year.

The app is designed to be offline first and improve the experience of watching videos on a slower network. It also gives a choice and transparency into the amount of data spent on streaming or saving videos. Youtube Go application also comes with a share option that allows users to share videos with their friends and family quickly and easily. 

Key features of YouTube Go include:

  • A home built for you: YouTube Go home screen contains trending and popular videos that you want to watch.
  • Preview videos before you save or watch: The new app gives you a quick preview of a video when you tap on the Video thumbnail giving you a better sense of what the video is about before you decide if you want to watch it.
  • Choose your resolution when saving or streaming videos: Youtube Go allow to choose the amount of data user would like to spend on that video before save for offline or stream.
  • Share videos with friends nearby: By the using new Youtube Go apps user can send or received offline downloaded videos instantly without any extra data to theirs near friends.

YouTube supports 8 Indian languages – Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati and Malayalam. You can download the Youtube Go app for the link bellow https://tinyurl.com/YoutubeGoJio


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