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Apple Has Removed VPN Apps From China App Store for Government Restriction

china Apple App Store removed VPN
Apple has dismissed all VPN applications from the App Store, as per media reports in China. The decision behind this is the restriction guidelines of the government, which have been gradually stricter for quite a long time. In addition to other things, it includes content that is illegal in China

This is now reported by the Reuters news agency with a reference to a message from Apple itself. Apple is currently in the process of removing all apps that offer a VPN service (Virtual Private Network) from the Chinese App Store and inform the developers about the measure. Apple is therefore under the pressure of the Chinese authorities  and should not be alone with it. One of the affected developers has shared the corresponding message from Apple.

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Apple removed VPN apps China’s App Store
Image Credit: ExpressVPN

VPN applications can easily be used to bypass the restriction of the Chinese government and can use block content from the US or Europe. The Chinese censorship, also like "the great Chinese firewall" As a counterpart to the great Chinese Wall, has been reinforced since the beginning of the year with further laws. For example, news apps such as the New York Times news app have already been removed.

The only way to use legally VPN applications in China is to allow the apps to be approved by the state and to use a specially developed state network infrastructure. Apple, according to Reuters Meanwhile on request once again confirmed that will remove all apps, which do not comply with the new Chinese regulations.

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