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Foxconn invests 10 billion dollars in Wisconsin, US for display plant

foxconn invested heavily in US
The Taiwanese manufacturing company Foxconn, who also produces the lion's share of Apple's various products, has announced the construction of a display plant in the Wisconsin, US. Of course, US President Trump is now taking this step as proof of his promise to get more jobs in US factories.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the White House announced Foxconn's plans yesterday at a small event. It is the first time that Taiwan's production giant has invested heavily in the US. The company is the largest contractor in the world and, in addition to Apple, it also manufactures the devices of countless other suppliers of electronic products. 

According to a White House spokesman, Foxconn wants to invest around 10 billion dollars in the construction of a production facility for displays. The panels are intended for use in televisions, smartphones, cars and other devices. The project in Wisconsin is only the first step before further Taiwanese investment is planned, it said. The plant in Wisconsin is expected to employ some 3,000 people at beginning, After that 13,000 people would be able to operate at the new location as soon as it reaches its full capacity.

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