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Google CEO Sundar Pichai has appointed as Board of Directors in Alphabet Inc.

Image: Wikipedia
The CEO of tech Giant Google Sundar Pichai is joining the board of directors in Google's parent company Alphabet. As Google’s chief executive officer, Sundar Pichai is responsible for Google’s product development and technology strategy, as well as the company’s day-to-day-operations.

The journey of Sundar Pichai was started in 2004 to led the product management and innovation efforts for a suite of Google's client software products like Google Chrome, Chrome OS, etc. After years of working closely with Google’s co-founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Sundar became Google’s CEO in August 2015.

Larry Page, CEO of Alphabet said, “Sundar has been doing a great job as Google’s CEO, driving strong growth, partnerships, and tremendous product innovation. I really enjoy working with him and I’m excited that he is joining the Alphabet board.”

Currently, Sundar Pichai is posted as Google's CEO since the year of 2015. In addition to the company's former and biggest businesses, the search engine, cloud, map, Android and YouTube has brought to a new level. His remarkable success in these cases helped him get the top position in one of the world's leading information technology giants.

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