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Google removes Instant Search, A new search feature might be introduced in future

Google Instant for displaying search results while typing is history, As the company reported, the function was switched off today. Google Instant was introduced in 2010. The feature significantly accelerated the time between input and selection for Web searches.

According to a spokesman for the search portal, The decision to remove Google Instant is the heavy use of mobile devices. More than half of all search requests came from smartphones or tablets. The possibilities for entering searches, for the interaction with search results, and also for restrictions caused by different display sizes, would differ greatly between the device types. Google Instant has been removed to make the search faster and more fluid for all devices in the future. 

Why Google Instant does not remain at least desktop computers, many may not be clear. Perhaps a new search feature is coming soon with a new, even better search feature, which is then even easier to use on all devices. If you are performing a Google search, now you only get the keyword recommendations for related search queries. Only after a click, the search results will appear. 

When Google Instant was introduced, the company had praised the function because of its great time-saving. Between the input of a search term and the selection of a search term, the immediate display of the results per user would save two to five seconds. This time advantage is now gone with turning off Google Instant.

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