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Google is Testing Autoplay Videos in Search Results

Google tests video autoplay search
Videos can automatically start playing directly in Google search results. The company that has already implemented the autoplay function on YouTube, takes the first experiments with the Google.com search feature. When performing a search, the results can display videos on the side with unattended playbacks, such as movie trailers, without having to click the play button. The innovation is only emerging for a small group of users in the world, still testing.
Google tests auto-play videos
Image Credit: BBC

Video autoplay on YouTube has already become a standard feature. Google's video site recently announced the Preview Video feature - which allows users to preview audiovisual content before they can play video.

However, In Google searches, autoplay does not yet have to be released for everyone. "We are constantly experimenting with new ways to improve the search experience for our users, but we have no plans to announce [video autoplay] for now," the search giant said in a statement.

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