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Huawei Says No More Cheap Smartphone, Focus on High-Priced Smartphones

 no new cheap smartphones from Huawei.
Surprise after the announcement of the annual reports at Huawei. In an interview, Group CEO Richard Yu spoke for the first time clearly about the new strategy of the Chinese company and confirmed that there will be no new cheap smartphones from Huawei.

Richard Yu said in a conversation with the Bloomberg business news agency,"We're giving the very low-end devices, simply because the margin in this segment is extremely low and we can not make enough profit for us." Huawei now also intends to attract the pace of foreign expansion. "The priority is Europe, China and Japan, where the economy is healthy and people are able to consume."
As the world's No. 3 of the smartphone manufacturers, Huawei had already been on the flag last year to work on both Apple and Samsung in the market shares of the Smartphones. 139 million units have already been sold in 2016, 2017 according to the plan 140 to 150 million units. The Huawei Mate 10 is supposed to be the most important performer to convince customers. Recently, Richard Yu also claimed Huawei Mate 10 will beat the iPhone 8.

Huawei and the Chinese product ideas in the past few months will probably not be surprised at the news. Because the market of the low-cost devices, the group has already left more in the last months and focused on high-end models. Not only for the smartphones this trend was foreseen, also for tablets and laptops. 

In addition, Honor has been chosen as a brand for more affordable smartphones. But you do not want to be really cheap there, but rather a very price-conscious target audience appeal and with a good price-performance ratio point. For comparison, the new Honor 9 is expected to cost around 400 euros in Europe, Where OnePlus was previously known as a low-cost smartphone provider.

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