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New Linkedin Website Demographics Tracking Tool Lets Website Owners Track Visitor Data

LinkedIn Website Demographics introduce soon
Anyone surfing the Internet is already pretty much being monitored by cookies and so-called tracking codes. However, personal data are rarely collected. LinkedIn now wants to change this partly with an analysis tool called Website Demographics. 

Similar to Facebook's favorite button, web site visitors should be assigned to specific LinkedIn profiles. In an analytical tool, they will be able to see job titles, company names, and other details of their visitors. So, if you are logged into LinkedIn when you visit a website, you should be able to track it using a so-called tracking code. The data collected in this way is intended to make the careers network available to the site operators via a new analytics tool named LinkedIn Website Demographics.

As LinkedIn emphasizes, the data is to be anonymous, the username of a person will not see the users of the service. Due to the data provided, the identification of individual visitors to the social network is nevertheless possible via detours. LinkedIn Website Demographics will display the job title, task area, location, company name, and some other data, according to the company. 

LinkedIn is now used by more than 500 million people worldwide. Since this is a careers network, the user data that can be collected via it is of particular value in order. Therefore, Website Demographics is promoted as a powerful tool for advertisers to increase the return on investment through fine-tuned campaigns.

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