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Latest Mac Malware Undetected over 5 years, can take over Webcams and Record Keystrokes, etc

Mac Malware Fruitfly
A security researcher, Patrick Wardle from security firm Synack just discovered a strain of malware called Fruitfly that’s been infecting Macs for more than 5 years. The malware can capture screenshots, keystrokes, webcam images, and other info about each infected Mac. This Malware was discovered by other researchers from security firm Malwarebytes early in this year while it was spying on computers in medical research centers.

The Upgraded version of Fruitfly which is recently discovered is more powerful than the previous one (Detected early this year). This new variant not only captures screenshots, keystrokes, webcam images, and other info about each infected Mac but also have the ability to collect information about devices connected to the same network and collect data from those devices as well. More than 400 Mac computers have been targeted by this malware from at least five years. as reported Ars Technica.

Wardle said the method of infection remains unknown, Since the method is unknown, there is no particular solution to secure the system. But the primary command-and-control server used by the malware's creators has since been shut down and the number of infected is limited, so the users shouldn't be too worried about this malware.

To ensure the security, the Mac users can use OverSight software (free) that monitors Mac's mic and webcam, alerting the user when the internal mic is activated, or whenever a process accesses the webcam.

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