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Soon WhatsApp will support In-App Playback for YouTube Videos

whatsapp youtube video playback in app
Image Credit: Wabetainfo
Facebook-owned WhatsApp is constantly adding new features to its instant messaging app. Whatsapp's intention is to improve the user experience with the most updated and new features. Recently, WhatsApp released updates for every type of file sharing and media sharing bundle. Now the news is that there is a new feature in WhatsApp, through which Whatsapp users will be able to play a YouTube video link in the app itself. Right now WhatsApp does not support in- app video playback from a YouTube link.

WABetaInfo first saw this new feature on WhatsApp 2.1 Beta version. The news is that Whatsapp is testing the new YouTube playback feature in the iOS app. With the new feature, the user will be able to play YouTube links sent in a chat on WhatsApp in the same chat window. That is, the link will not be opened anymore on the YouTube app. With the help of this new feature, Whatsapp users will be able to resize the video playback window. Apart from this, there will be an option to open the video on a separate full-screen. And if the user wants to see other messages in the same chat window, the user can slide the screen.

However, youtube video playback will stop when WhatsApp users switch to another chat or app. At this time, This feature will support all the variants of the iPhone 6 and above. This new feature is available only for the iOS Whatsapp beta user and is expected to release this feature for the common iOS user in the coming weeks. Apart from this, currently there is no information about the new feature coming to Android users and Windows Phone users. Hopefully, if this new feature of WhatsApp will develop successfully, then it will soon be available to all users. Watching YouTube links coming out in WhatsApp is not very good for user experience while chatting with loved one. So we will also be waiting for the new In-App YouTube Playback feature to arrive soon.

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