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Android 8 Might Arrive Next Week, Probably August 8

Android o launch date august 8
Around two weeks ago, Google shared the fourth and last preview version of Android 8 to members of the beta program. Now it seems the final firmware of the next Android version will be released in the coming week.
This assumption is expressed by the mostly well-informed AndroidPolice author David Ruddock via Twitter. According to the Android expert, Android O to be released in next week and the distribution of the update for the pixel and Nexus smartphones and tablets will start in a short time.

However, Google brings out the new Android version in August is not a big surprise. The search engine giant has already declared the Timeline for future releases in the middle of the third quarter. Therefore, 08.08.2017, the upcoming Tuesday as the release date is suitable.
With Android O, Google brings some most wanted features for Android smartphones and tablets. These are the new features on Android 8.

  • Picture-in-Picture Mode
  • Notification Channels
  • Notification Badges on the Home Screen
  • Smart Text Selection
  • Revamped File Manager
  • Battery-Saving Background Restrictions
  • Snooze Individual Notifications
  • Fingerprint Scanner Gestures
  • Navigation Bar Tuner
  • Custom Lock Screen Shortcuts
  • Overlay Sticky Notification

Under the hood, the platform operator, among other things, is working on a new mechanism, which regulates the background activities of apps more, thus ensuring a better battery life of Android smartphones.

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