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Windows 10 Will Get Built-in Eye Tracking Feature, Control Your PC With Eyes

Windows 10 Get Eye Tracking Feature
Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system soon provides support for the so-called "eye tracking", which helps to the control a PC with the eyes. As Microsoft announced today, Eye Tracking will soon be available in new versions of Windows 10.

The "Eye Control" feature allows you to control your PC with your eyes. For example, the user can start apps by looking at a particular program icon. Alternatively, User can also use an on-screen keyboard and at the same time press a key to write whole words.

First of all the Tobii hardware, Tobii Eye Tracker 4C is needed, to unlock and the Windows 10, to do the tasks. Later, the products Tobii Dynavox PCEye Mini, PCEye Plus, EyeMobile Plus and I-series will also be added soon. If and when the hardware of other manufacturers will work with Windows 10 Eye Control is still unclear.

Microsoft and Tobii have been working together for quite some time. Already in 2014, a hackathon had been organized in which one of the entries created new possibilities for operating Windows PCs via eye tracking. Since then, Microsoft has set up a research group to create a series of prototypes. The technology allows people with physical limitations because of diseases like ALS or accidents, to controlling a PC.

If you want to try out the whole thing, you have to participate in the Windows Insider program. In addition, of course, the corresponding hardware is required, which so far either as a stand-alone, external device or available in some high-end notebooks.

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