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iPhone-SOS feature in iOS 11: Toronto police ask iPhone users not to test SOS feature

ios 11 SoS test emergency calls
With iOS 11, Apple has also changed the way users can quickly send emergency calls. Now the police in Toronto publicly called for the new function, "Please Do not Try it out", because the authority is currently flooded with test requests.

iOS 11 is now available for download for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. With the update, Apple also provides a new emergency call function, which allows users to contact the local rescue/emergency service very quickly. In a recent message, The police in Toronto also point out this new function but this is mainly due to the fact that many users seem to simply try out the new feature.

As the agency writes, the emergency helpline currently receives as many test calls from iOS 11 users that this will block the lines. "Please do not try it! It works well!" according to the police of Toronto to all users. Currently, there is no other indication of such a massive malfunction by the new iOS emergency call feature.

Source Image Credit: Toronto police 

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