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Do You Know iPhone X’s Original Manufacturing Cost? Each Part's Price Details Are Here

iPhone X actual manufacturing cost
Apple launched its 10th-anniversary special edition iPhone X and priced it at $999 for the base model. While the iPhone X is an extraordinary development in terms of design and presents a lot of unique features to the iPhone, the price tag does seem a little hard to explain. But do you know, how much does it actually cost Apple to build the iPhone X?

A list now published on a Chinese site iChunt which claims that the original manufacturing cost of a 256GB variant iPhone is only $421.75. From the detailed material list of the iPhone X. The most expensive material is 5.8-inch OLED touchscreen from Samsung, which costs 80 dollars. The cost of the phone’s dual surface glass and the stainless middle frame is 53 dollars. In the meantime, the cost of its all-new A11 processor from TSMC is 26 dollars.
iPhone X total cost leaked
The List is prepared from ichunt list

One of the biggest cost on the iPhone X's material is DRAM and NAND 256GB variations supplied by Toshiba, Hynix and Micron. The cost of DRAM is $24 and on 256GB NAND is $45. The cost of baseband and radio frequency (RF) is18 dollars and the suppliers are still Qualcomm and Intel. 

The cost of RF antenna is 5 dollars. The cost of the 3D camera is 25 dollars and on camera is 33 dollars. It battery costs 9 dollars and PCB costs 15 dollars. Haptics costs 10 dollars. There also other material costs.

In addition, costs for the production of orders at Foxconn, Wistron and Pegatron up to 15 dollars - as well as for the logistics. Last but not least, the Group will naturally also add the costs of research and development to the price before the profit margin. Finally, considering the new innovations, features, design and the iOS security, the price is justified.

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