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Off-Surface Fingerprint Sensing: Microsoft Wants to Recognize Fingerprint on Display, Without Touch

Microsoft Patent: Detect fingerprint on display without touch
Microsoft has acquired a new patent that represents a new technology that recognized a fingerprint for smartphone or tablet through the display without the user having to touch the surface with the finger.

Microsoft's patent "Image-Sensing With A Waveguide Display" describes how a "holographic grating" should be used in a display to identify the light from an Object above the screen. The intention is to capture an image of the user's fingerprint without placing the finger on the display surface. Microsoft patent: Fingerprint should be recognized without touching the display.
Microsoft New Fingerprint Sensing Patent: Image-Sensing With A Waveguide Display
The "holographic grating" is designed to guide the incident light to the underlying sensor, which captures fingerprint image information. Ultimately, In order to create the complete image of the fingerprint, a special software is designated. Then, the image is processed in the usual way and used for comparison with a fingerprint previously stored on the respective terminal in order to identify the user and to log on securely.
This could probably lead to new possibilities in the design of products with slimmer housings or special form factors. Behind the invention, there are two experienced specialists for optical systems, which are active for Microsoft. They could use such system, among others, to provide the surface series Tablets with non-visible fingerprint readers. Of course, the use in smartphones is primarily conceivable, so that Microsoft could either license the technology to third parties or use it in such products from own production.

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