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nRansom: A New Ransomware demands naked photos instead of Bitcoins

Ransomware Demands Nudes Images
The so-called ransomware is a Trojan or malicious software that infects a user's computer and encrypts various sensitive and/or private files. The victim is usually prompted to pay a ransom, mostly in the form of bitcoins. On the other hand, A new Ransomware wants something quite different from the affected person.

This new form of extortion has been discovered by security researchers MalwareHunterTeam, Also they have published a picture of the victims. The name of this new malware is unspectacular, currently, it is known as nRansom.

After a system is infected, A message is shown to the victim's system saying that the computer has just been locked. The blackmailers advised to go to ProtonMail and create an account there. After that, the affected persons should send an e-mail to a specific e-mail address.

Once this message is posted, you must send "at least ten nude photos" and after that, they will verify the images. The blackmailer does not write how to do this, but they say that after verification, the unlocking code will be sent to the Victims. The most important, The blackmailer clearly mention that the nude photos are to be sold in "Deep Web".

The malware itself seems to be genuine, as The file, nRansom.exe, is classified as malicious by several antivirus engines, including VirusTotal and Hybrid Analysis, which are both public malware repositories. Therefore, It is not clear whether nRansom is genuine or a joke, a hoax. The motherboard has contacted the hackers, but so far received no response.

Source   Image Credit:MalwareHunterTeam

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