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Do You Know Why Face ID of iPhone X Did Not Work

 Why Face ID on the keynote did not work 
We all remember, when the iPhone X specifically at its first demo, iPhone X's key feature Face ID did not work properly and failed to recognize Craig Federighi's face. Craig Federighi elicited a somewhat confused: Ho, ho, ho.

After a question from Yahoo, Apple has now clarified what has really gone wrong. Prior to the demo, an excessive number of people had the iPhone on their hands and Face ID tried to recognize their faces. After that, it is smarter to have a password.

This should mean, if your iPhone X wants the passcode in the future, rather than identifying your face, then you know that It has looked at different people. Maybe someone wanted to use it.But surely in their hands. You can consider this as a feature because the iPhone X somehow also monitors itself.

It would be fascinating to know whether it saves data that could be utilized in some way or another later, for instance, by indicating who may have had that in the hand, due to the fact somewhere the 3D model of a head must have been recorded.


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