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Samsung's new Ad makes fun of Apple's last ten years post iphone X launch

Finally, on November 3, iPhone X has arrived at the market. After two months of the official launch, this new smartphone appeared in the stores. As sales begin, smartphone rival Samsung having junked on Apple's last 10 years, has put a video on the internet. In this video, Samsung has tried to show how Apple has been lagging behind in the last few years in technology.

The video shows a user buying Apple iPhone every year. But in the iPhone's, this user has to compromise with some features such as water resistance, headphone jack, wireless charging, etc. On the other hand, it has been shown that these features have come in Samsung's phones before the iPhone.

Finally, the iPhone user buys Samsung's latest flagship phone Galaxy 8 and goes out looking for people standing in front of Apple Store. One of these customers is having the 'Notch' hairstyle that looks like the front of the iPhone X.

This is not the first time Samsung has pulled Apple. Last year, South Korea's tech firm Samsung had criticized Apple for not keeping a headphone jack at the time of the launch of Galaxy Note 7. However, Samsung itself had to criticize for its Note 7 series.

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